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Dubai Plan 2021 and Investment in the Healthcare Sector

Dubai Government's Policy and Research Framework for Investment in the Healthcare Sector

The Dubai government has thrown significant weight behind its burgeoning healthcare sector, making it one of the key themes of its Dubai Plan ...


Tourism Ambitions of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Tourism to get big Boost in light of Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia, after decades of maintaining a hermetic facade, is turning over a new leaf in its economic/cultural history. It is embracing international tourism, for the first ...


Impact of rising interest rates on Global Trade

Raising interest rates is a strategy used by Central Banks throughout the world when the actual inflation rate goes beyond the targeted inflation rate.  While targeted inflation is necessary for economic growth, anything beyond that erodes buying ...


How AI and automation will impact global productivity

AI and automation will impact global productivity at two levels, micro and macro. At the micro level, there will be productivity gains of individual firms and employees. For example, companies like Walmart, AT&T and Earnest & Young (EY) have ...


Personal Finance Tips for HNWIs

It is very easy to make financial blunders especially if you are a high-income earner. You may not have time to pay personal attention to your finances since you are busy running businesses or being a professional.

Most of the times it feels ...


Investing in digital-age companies

Is it worth investing in the young and new digital age companies?

Who are investing in it currently?

For assessing the worthiness of investing in the young and new digital age companies, it would be worthwhile ...


How smart is it to invest in ecommerce

To ascertain whether it is smart to invest in e-commerce or no, we must see things from an e-commerce entrepreneur's perspective. The first step to smart investing is looking for the right entrepreneur or business to invest in earlier than the ...


How do businesses stay connected to a rapidly digitised world?

Businesses have a severe need to stay connected.  They may want to connect with each other, their employees, suppliers and the general external environment.  However, they can ill afford to remain disconnected from their customers. 

Why ...


In the world of business, only those with foresight survive

An era of rapid technological advancements is upon us. Jetpacks, powersuits, domestic robots, self-driving cars, check-out free shopping - gadgets unimaginable just a few years ago are now a part of reality. 

Government regulation however, ...


How To Balance Risk vs Reward

Investors need to strike a balance between risk and reward when investing their money in any venture. Every decision taken involving money has risks including not investing.

The key to finding a balance is knowing what venture to invest in ...